The Denver Post: CU Boulder Researchers Pursuing Role for AI in Psychiatry

In the prevailing there’s-an-app-for-that culture, perhaps it should not be surprising that researchers are exploring machine learning that could bring artificial intelligence to the practice of psychiatric diagnosis. Peter Foltz, a research professor at the Institute of Cognitive Science at the University of Colorado Boulder, is co-author on a new paper in Schizophrenia Bulletin that […]

Built in Colorado: Guild Education Raises $157M to Help Close the Tech Skills Gap

“The future of work” is no longer just a phrase — it’s an entire field of speculation, research and debate. Advancements in robotics and artificial intelligence will transform the global economy — probably during our lifetimes. For workers with strong tech or digital skills, that could mean more money and career opportunities. For people whose skills don’t […]

Gizmodo: What Are the Biggest Challenges Technology Must Overcome in the Next 10 Years?

Technology’s fine—I definitely like texting, and some of the shows on Netflix are tolerable—but the field’s got some serious kinks to work out. Some of these are hardware-related: when, for instance, will quantum computing become practical? Others are of more immediate concern. Is there some way to stop latently homicidal weirdos from getting radicalized online? […]