Denver Business Journal: Colorado Offers Incentives To 2 Companies Looking To Add 600 Jobs In Denver

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Despite the economic havoc being wreaked by the coronavirus, the Colorado Economic Development Commission offered incentives Thursday to a pair of companies with existing presences in the state that want to grow their firms locally.

The two companies represent a combined 594 new jobs that could be created in the Denver area — a lower total than the amount considered at recent EDC meetings, but also a ray of good economic news at a time when industries from skiing to restaurants are cratering due to the effects of the COVID-19 spread.

“Project Coral” — most proposed incentive projects go by pseudonyms until deciding whether to take the offered job-growth incentive tax credits — is a San Francisco-based startup technology company that provides software and analytics for consumer-facing clients. The firm has 99 employees in Colorado right now and is looking to expand either in Denver, Arizona, California or Illinois.

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