Forbes: Technologies That Will Shape The Next Decade

As we ring in the new decade, it’s worth reflecting on just how much change comes our way in the exponential times in which we live. 

Ten years ago, there was no iPad, Tik Tok, Raspberry Pi, Snapchat, Lyft, Tinder, Didi Chuxing… or SparkCognition! Tablets weren’t even a thing. We entered 2010 using slow 3G technology on our cell phones. Windows 7 was the latest Microsoft OS. 3D printing wasn’t mainstream—it was mainly pursued by hobbyists. The only Tesla car selling was the Roadster and there was no talk of autopilot or self-driving vehicles. There wasn’t an EV ecosystem as such and definitely no countrywide high-speed charging network. Steve Ballmer was firmly in charge as CEO of Microsoft, Larry Page headed Google and Steve Jobs was the face of Apple. Blackberry produced the third most sold handset, followed by Palm at number five. And Exxon, Walmart, Chevron, ConocoPhillips and GE were the world’s largest companies.

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